Electromagnetic Propagation in Hot Plasmas (kinetic analysis)

Code 221
Semester Fall
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 0
Lecturers Kyriakos Hizanidis, Ioannis Kominis (School of AMPS)


Distribution functions (definition, model functions) and kinetic equations (structure, general solution methods).

Wave propagation when Β = 0 (electromagnetic waves, dispersion relation of electrostatic Langmuir waves, significance and consequences of resonance, Landau damping, non-linear behaviour, saturation).

Wave propagation along a magnetostatic field Β (general dispersion relation, temperature effects on high, medium and low frequency waves, cyclotron damping and instability).

Wave propagation across a magnetostatic field Β (ordinary mode in a hot plasma and damping/growth at harmonics of the gyrofrequency, general dispersion relation of the extraordinary mode, Bernstein mode).

Coupling of oscillations (demonstration of coupling for Langmuir waves in a two-stream plasma, other coupling situations, study of the topology of the dispersion relation, distinction between damping and growth, applications to oscillators and amplifiers).