Techno-Economic Systems

The Techno-Economic Systems Progamme [TESP] is offered by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens and the Department of Industrial Management and Technology of the University of Piraeus.

The Programme aims to strengthen the capabilities of scientists, who have finished engineering, economic or other relevant studies, in modern methods and techniques so that they will be capable to handle complex technical and economic problems, to solve them by well-known system analysis methods, to implement successfully large scale technical projects and to manage large industrial and other units demanding the combination of engineering and economic knowledge.

TESP’s mission is to contribute to the economic development of the country and to the well-being of the society, through the development of outstanding business leaders, who will be able to meet adequately the growing needs of the public and private sector organizations.

TESP has a duration of four semesters. It combines classes [with compulsory attendance], projects and a final diploma thesis. TESP offers two specialisations: "Technology Management" and "Corporate Management & Entrepreneurship". The programme requires the attendance and successful examination in 12 core courses that are common and compulsory for all students and in 6 (up to 8) elective courses, of which four (4) at least belong to the selected specialization. During the last semester preparation and final examination in the diploma thesis is required.

A unique and rich learning environment is created using the classroom experience with close interaction between professors and students, the presentation of case studies and the extensive curriculum. Lectures start each year early in February and are held in afternoon hours of the working days.

For further information, you could refer to the program's website.