Dimitris Kalogeras


Brief Biography

Dimitrios Kalogeras is affiliated with the Institute of Communications & Computer Systems (ICCS), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Within NTUA, he is a Senior Researcher at the Network Management & Optimal Design Laboratory (NETMODE), School of Electrical & Computer Engineering. He obtained his Engineering Diploma (1990) and the Doctorate degree (1996), both in Electrical & Computer Engineering from NTUA. His research spans several aspects of advanced network technologies and protocols. He is consulting on planning the new generations of GRNET (the Greek National Research & Education Network) and the NTUA Campus Local Area Network.

Dr. Kalogeras was involved in several European Research & Technological Development projects, e.g. on IPv6 (6Net) and on Network Security (GEANT2 / GN2 – JRA2). At the National level he was the Principal Investigator of numerous projects of ICCS/NTUA, e.g. the support of the National Greek School Network, and the ADSL and Internet over Satellite pilot studies for the Greek incumbent (OTE). He served in several European Commission technical panels and, for two terms, he was with the Technical Committee of the Trans-European Research & Education Networking (TERENA). He is the author of several research papers and regularly delivers invited lectures on advanced networking concepts in Greek, European and international events.