Efstathios Sykas

Retired Professor   Division of Communication, Electronic and Information Engineering

  •   sykas@cn.ntua.gr
  •   +30 (210) 7722528
  •   +30 (210) 7722528
  •   Office B.2.11, Ground Floor, Electrical and Comp. Engineering

Brief Biography

Prof. E. D. Sykas is the director of the Computer Network laboratory of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA. He started his carrier working on multiple access protocols. He successfully analyzed the performance of queued, in contradiction to single packet sized, stations in both ordinary LANs as well as hybrid systems combining reservations and random access. Then he moved to broadband communications. He has made both theoretical and engineering work in the area of the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). In parallel, he has started working personal and mobile communications projects and contributed on both mobility handling algorithms and architectural issues. Since 2000, his research lies in the area pervasive and ubiquitous communications. Duties inside NTUA include teaching of graduate courses on computer networks, telephony and communication systems and a post-graduate course on traffic engineering. His course on Computer Networks was selected by NTUA as a model for introducing innovative teaching techniques into the Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum. As a teacher he has educated a host of PhD engineers. He is happy to witness that they are not only excelling in the academia and industry as they have been proved successful entrepreneurs forming their own high tech companies.

Research Interests

Internet Architecture, Technology, and Applications • Computer Communications, Systems and Protocols • Wireless Communications • Communications Theory, Modulations, and Coding • Communications Switching and Routing • Communications Standards