Introduction to Biophotonics and Cellular Engineering

Code 3.1.3259.6
Semester 6th
Flow I - Bioengineering
Category Obligatory (half flow)
Credits 6
Class Hours - Lab Hours 2 - 2
Lecturers Konstantinos Politopoulos, Eleni Alexandratou (T & R Associates)
Links Helios, Course's Website


Basics of cell structure and functions. Biological macromolecules. Membranes, neurons: ions transport physical model and potentials. Introduction to geometrical optics. Eye structure and function. Absorbance, scattering and fluorescence. Optical Instruments and sensors, CCD and PMT. Optical and fluorescence microscopy.Physical principles of Laser: properties and applications in Bioengineering. Laser scanning confocal microscopy in 3D imaging. Interaction of light with the biological systems.Laser tissue interactions and applications.