Power System Analysis (Asymmetrical and Transient State)

Code 3.6.3313.8
Semester 8th
Flow E - Electric Power Systems
Category Obligatory (main flow)
Credits 6
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 1
Lecturers Aris Dimeas , Nikolaos Hatziargyriou, Vasileios Nikolaidis, Κοτσαμπόπουλος Παναγιώτης


Transient models of synchronous machines, Transient models of asynchronous (induction) machines, Transient and sub-transient impedances and time constants, Fault currents and fault levels, Equivalent system impedance, Short-circuit of generators under load, Short-circuit of power electronics interfaced generators, Symmetrical fault analysis, Asymmetrical three-phase systems, Sequence components (positive, negative, zero) and circuits, sequence components of rotating machines and transformers, Asymmetrical faults, Multiple network faults, Earthing effects on short-circuit voltages, Asymmetrical loading of transformers, Analysis of complex line impedances, Asymmetries in three-phase transmission lines, Clarke Transformation.