Aris Dimeas

Assistant Professor   Division of Electric Power

Brief Biography

Dr Aris L. Dimeas received the diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NTUA as well his PhD degree. He is currently a researcher at Electrical and Computers Engineering Department of NTUA. He has experience in a variety of applications related to Power Systems operations, Renewable Energy Sources, Artificial Intelligence on Power Systems, Smart Grids and Control Software development. His specific experience also includes development of control software for Demand Side Management and communication interfaces between Energy Management Systems and SCADAs. Furthermore he was a consultant (2007-2012) in the department of Non Interconnected Islands of Public Power Corporation (PPC). He was involved with the preparation of the code for energy market in Crete and also developed simulations of System Operation focusing on the concept of Hybrid Stations. Additionally he is in collaboration with other sectors/departments of PPC/HEDNO dealing with electronic meters, intelligent networks and research programs. He is member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and of IEEE.

Research Interests


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