Robotics II: Intelligent Robotic Systems

Code 3.3.3348.8
Semester 8th
Flow S - Signals, Automatic Control and Robotics
Category Obligatory by selection
Credits 4
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 1
Lecturers Costas Tzafestas
Links Helios
Web Platform Class 1: Microsoft Teams


Dexterous robot manipulation, kinematic control of redundant manipulators, manipulability and dexterity measures. Interaction control of robot manipulators, force control, impedance control, hybrid control.Visual servoing of robot manipulators. Dexterous multifingered robot hands, kinetostatic analysis and control of robot grasping. Intelligent autonomous mobile robotics: elements of mechatronic design (locomotion, sensors), kinematic modeling, control architectures, environment mapping and representation, perception and localization, sensor fusion, path planning, robot learning. Applications of integrated robotic systems, mobile robotic manipulators, collaborative robotics, shared human-robot control and telerobotics.