Nonlinear optics and applications in Photonics

Code 229
Semester Fall
Class Hours - Lab Hours 4 - 0
Lecturers Ioannis Kominis (School of AMPS)


Linear and nonlinear susceptibility in isotropic media: A phenomenological modeling, Sellmeir relations. Kerr effect. Basic nonlinear phenomena in photnics.Schroedinger

Equations and Ginzburg-Landau equations in optical networks and devices. Dispersion and Diffraction. Special solutions of the underlying equations. Stability analysis. Variational and perturbative methods of solutions.Temporal and spatial multiplexing, TDM, WDM.Optical amplifiers and related problems. EDFA. Gordon-Haus effect. Dispersion management. RZ and NRZ pulses. Photonic bullets and vortices. Spatial and temporal solitons. Discrete systems. Waveguide arrays. Discrete Schroedingerand Ginzburg-Landau equations.