Internet Technologies and Broadband Networks

Code 301
Semester Fall
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 0
Lecturers Iakovos Venieris


Internet Principles. Internet Architecture. IP Protocol, TCP and UDP protocols. IP Addressing (ARP, ICMP). Routing Protocols (OSPF, RIP, IGP, EGP), Multicast, Internet Security (IPSec, PKI). Internet Quality of Service (QoS). Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP). Integrated Internet Services (IntServ), Differentiated Services (DiffServ). Bandwidth Broker. MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS). Traffic Conditioning. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), IP over ATM, NHRP. Internet services and applications. Voice over IP. Audio-visual data streams. IP Telephony. Video conference – ΜΒΟΝΕ. Video on demand. xDSL (Broadband Access). Mobile IP.