Software Technologies for Service Provision in Communication Networks

Code 313
Semester Spring
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 0
Lecturers Iakovos Venieris


Evolution of networks and software. Service provision in communication networks. The Internet case. The role of signaling in service provision. Signaling and service design (SS7, DSS1). Object-oriented service design and signaling systems. Service design and control with Intelligent Networks (IN) technology. IN applications in PSTN and PLMN. Service provision and call control with open APIs (JAVA APIs, JAIN, JAVA TAPI, Parlay). Distributed Object Technology (DOT, CORBA, RMI, SOAP). The role of object-oriented software design and development methods in communications (Network management systems, Intelligent Networks, Mobile Networks, TINA). Active Networks and Mobile Object Technology (mobile code, mobile agents). Internet, Intelligent Networks and Mobile Networks applications. Design and development of mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.