Evangelos Hristoforou

Professor   Division of Communication, Electronic and Information Engineering

Brief Biography

Evangelos Hristoforou, Electrical Engineer from the University of Patras and PhD Graduate from King’s College London, is Professor of Electronic Materials at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens and Director of the Laboratory of Electronic Sensors. His research topics mainly refer to:

• Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers, the most important product being a method and devices for magnetic monitoring of the stress tensor distribution in ferromagnetic steels. Other sensors and materials developed up to now refer to position and displacement sensors, magnetometers and their applications, magnetic cardiograph, mass flowmeters etc.

• Hybrid electric systems, the most important innovation related to the production of hydrogen from water below 300C. Other systems developed in the lab refer to the production of excellent quality bio-fuel from wastes & carbon, energy harvesting, battery rejuvenation, scrubber development etc.

• Magnetic techniques for biomedical applications, where the most important applications are related to the production of valuable ingredients from agricultural products, desalination, sewage and algae cultivation using selective magnetic separation by employing magnetic nanoparticles. Other products are related to the development of magnetic particle imaging, thrombolysis catheters, as well as water/amino-acid structural studies.

Evangelos Hristoforou is actively related to numerous industries in the field of sensors, energy and health, collaborating in several research projects. He has published more than 150 papers in international journals (h-index=24) and has given more than 30 invited presentations in international conferences.

Research Interests

Sensors, magnetic materials, biotechnology, structure and properties of materials