Introduction to VLSI Systems Design

Code 3.5.3256.7
Semester 7th
Flow H - Electronics, Circuits, Materials
Category Obligatory (main flow)
Credits 6
Class Hours - Lab Hours 2 - 2
Lecturers Georgios Panagopoulos, Kiamal Pekmestzi, Dimitrios Soudris, Sotirios Kokosis (T & R Associates)
Links Helios


Introduction to CMOS, VLSI circuits (inverter, switch, NAND gates, NOR and composite, multiplexes, registrars). Introduction to the representation of circuits and systems. Hardware Description Languages (HDL). I.C. Technologies and CMOS Circuit Manufacturing Procedures, VLSI. Estimation of parameters and performance (resistance, capacity, delay, power). Logical design of CMOS circuits, VLSI. CMOS circuit design and testing methods, VLSI. Design subsystems in CMOS, VLSI technology (aggregators, multipliers, sliders, memories, algorithmic state machines). Laboratories: CMOS digital circuits, VLSI from simple gateways to integrated subsystems, layout construction, electrical emulation, logical simulation, timing analysis and use of hardware description languages.