Power System Analysis (Steady State)

Code 3.6.3308.7
Semester 7th
Flow E - Electric Power Systems
Category Obligatory (half flow)
Credits 6
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 1
Lecturers Aris Dimeas , Nikolaos Hatziargyriou, Nikolaos Kimoulakis (T & R Associates)


Steady State generator models (d-q reactances, vector diagrams, active and reactive power), Effect of angle δ and excitation voltage on the active and reactive power of a synchronous machine, Machine overexcitation and underexcitation, Transmission Line and Transformer models in load flow analysis, Power balance equations, Compensation by static capacitors and inductors, Digital methods for load flow analysis, Fast Decoupled methods, parallel operation of electric machines, transformers with tap-changers, Voltage and reactive power regulation, Voltage regulating transformers, Regulation with static and synchronous capacitors, Voltage Stability and Collapse.