Industrial Electronics

Code 3.6.3388.5
Semester 5th
Category Obligatory
Credits 5
Class Hours - Lab Hours 2 - 2
Lecturers Antonios Antonopoulos, Aris Dimeas , Stavros Papathanassiou, Panagiotis Rovolis (T & R Associates)
Links Helios
Web Platform Class 1: Microsoft Teams


Theory section: Introduction to industrial electronics. Power semiconductors. Introduction to Electronic Power Converters: Uncontrolled and controlled rectifiers (AC / DC), DC-DC converters, AC converters (AC / AC) and power inverters (DC / AC). Principles of control of AC and DC electric motors and electric drive systems. Electronic controllers for industrial motors. Elements of industrial electrical installations and automation. PID control in industrial applications. Introduction to PLCs. Application of microprocessors and digital signal processors (DSP) in the industrial environment. Basic concepts of power quality. Introduction to the use of the SPICE program for the simulation of electronic power circuits.

Laboratory section: Analysis of simple electronic setups that include rectifier circuits (AC / DC) using diodes and thyristors and control of electric motors with power electronic inverters (DC / AC).