Job Vacancies at UCF

Δημοσιεύθηκε 03/10/2017

Job Description

The College of Engineering and Computer Science has an immediate opening for a non-renewable oneyear visiting assistant research professor position in the laboratory of Dr. Ivan Garibay. The University of Central Florida provides an outstanding research environment and we are seeking highly motivated researchers, with training and expertise in agent-based modeling, neural networks, social network analysis, machine learning, data analytics, or computational social science. This position will be part of the “Deep Agent” team and the salary will be competitive. The team will conduct research as part of the DARPA’s “Computational Simulation of Online Social Behavior” program, a network of DARPA funded teams across the USA. The Deep Agent 4-year project seeks to create state-of-the-art agent-based models of human behavior, considering emotional, social and rational agent architectures with a particular focus on computational simulations of the spread and evolution of online information. These simulations will allow for a deeper, quantitative understanding of our global online information environment, including a better understanding of phenomena such as cascades, recurrence, gatekeepers, and persistent minorities. The Deep Agent team consists of interdisciplinary faculty from various US institutions, including the University of Central Florida, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Florida Institute of Technology.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is a thriving preeminent research university located in metropolitan Orlando. With more than 64,000 students, UCF is one of the largest universities in the U.S. UCF secures more than $130 Million on extramural funding each year and it is ranked as top 20 Public universities for U.S. patents. Central Florida is designated by the state as the National Center for modeling and simulation. The National Center for Simulation, is headquartered in the Central Florida Research Park, at UCF’s vicinity. The Central Florida Research Park is home to the world’s largest cluster for computer simulation and modeling with more than 6 Billion dollars of economic activity. NCS is part of the “Team Orlando” partnership between military organizations, the modeling and simulation industry, and academic institutions working together to leverage resources and contribute to the overall security of the United States. UCF’s Research Park also houses the Institute for Simulation and Training, an internationally recognized research institute that focuses on advancing human-centered modeling and simulation technology and increasing our understanding of simulation’s role in training and education.

The Complex Adaptive Systems Laboratory (CASL) is an interdisciplinary research center at UCF dedicated to the study of complex, difficult to understand phenomena such as the social behavior, socio-cultural evolution, global economy and innovation ecosystems. CASL has research projects in agent-based economic and social systems modeling, complex adaptive systems, big data analytics, deep learning, social network analysis and STEM education, funded by DARPA, NSF, Amazon, Microsoft, among others. CASL is housed at Industrial Engineering and Management Systems department and affiliated with the departments of Computer Science, Statistics, and the Institute of Simulation and Training.


Candidates with strong knowledge and experience in FLAME-GPU, agent-based modeling, machine learning methods, neural networks, or social science simulations, as well as excellent writing skills, as evidenced by multiple peer-reviewed publications, are preferred. Curiosity and passion for computer driven problem solving and an ability to work both independently and as a member of an interdisciplinary team are highly desirable.