One doctoral thesis position at the Sorbonne University - Computer Science lab (LIP6) in Paris

Δημοσιεύθηκε 05/09/2019

One doctoral thesis position is available for 3 years at the Sorbonne University - Computer Science lab (LIP6) in Paris, funded by the ANR JCJC project “FairEngine”.

The thesis will study Online Social Platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. These platforms play a critical role in the circulation of news and ideas, so the mechanisms governing them need to be well understood, and regulated if necessary.

In the scope of the thesis, the main questions to be addressed are the following:

Q1. How does the social platform mechanisms affect post diffusion and eventually the user influence over the social network? Special focus will be given on the Newsfeed mechanism, as well as specific platform features (likes, comments, etc.)

Q2. What is the appropriate way to include advertising in the platform, in order to respect fair post circulation?

Q3. What is the impact of orchestrated bot campaigns in social networks?


The thesis will differ from existing approaches in the study of social platforms, by making principal use of stochastic modelling and performance evaluation tools to derive realistic models that can incorporate both the platform features, as well as the user activity.

Once basic models are developed, algorithms of appropriate complexity should be introduced as solutions for real-world size social graphs. A very important part of the work will be to validate the results through the collection and analysis of data from real social platforms.

Candidate Profile:

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with strong analytical and programming skills, that is expected to deliver work of high impact within a team of experienced researchers. The candidate should be hard working, able to perform both in team and individually, respect tight deadlines, and also take risks in the research and solution approaches.

We are looking for someone with a Masters (or equivalent) in applied mathematics or operations research or data analysis/machine learning. The programming language will be mainly Python. Experience on stochastic (Markov) modelling, algorithms and/or data structures is a plus.

What we offer:

Sorbonne University has a long tradition of academic excellence with 32 Nobel Prize and Fields Medal winners. The student will physically be located at the campus Pierre et Marie Curie, which is right at the centre of the vibrant city of Paris. The contract will cover the standard salary for a PhD student during 3 years, as well as expenses for missions (conferences), publications, material and possibly further educational seminars within the project’s scope. The student will work within a team of experienced researchers towards completion of the project’s goals. Further possibilities for exchange with industry as well as international collaboration with other top-tier universities will be provided during the thesis.


For more information please contact:

Anastasios Giovanidis (

The submit your candidature please include in your application:

- a detailed CV,

- a letter of motivation for the position (very important),

- list of notes from the Master studies (both years) or the engineering school,

- recommendation letter(s)