Nano-satellites: the new Space Odyssey

The presentation was given by the NTUA School of Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate, Paris Chrysos, Professor of Innovation Management at ISC Paris Business School, on January 15, 2019, at the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). Prof Vassilis Kostopoulos from the University of Patras was interlocutor.

Prof. Chrysos’ presentation was about a Generic Framework for the Miniaturization of Satellites. Miniaturization is a recurrent challenge during the design and the development of Cubesat missions. However, as of today, there is no generic framework suggesting common operations for miniaturization. Instead, each Cubesat project addresses the challenge in a rather singular way, depending on the specificities of its mission. The work suggests a generic framework for the miniaturization, drawing from the experience of the development of the UPSat, which has been part of the QB 50 project. The framework consists of three generic operators, as compared to established space industry standards.

This study is a continuation of Prof. Chrysos’ work on the Developers. The developers are the new idols of innovation, at the heart of the emergence of new technological objects (drones, 3D printers, biotechnologies, etc.) and of new uses. Often hosted in the renewed basements of enterprises, sometimes hackers, they share their time between their day job and their side project, and go beyond the standard norms of management and the classical division of labour. Their skills don’t come from a standard education, they are acquired progressively, through their own exploration of new technologies. Prof. Chrysos showed that the developers are the forerunners of a forward-thinking culture of work and explained their role in the new economy and how they undertake a non-standard and creative process to manufacture better solutions or to project new technological dreams.

You can find an abstract (in Greek) of the presentation "Nano-satellites: the new Space Odyssey" here.

Talk slides can be found here.