PhD Positions at the Laboratory for Computational Brain, Rutgers University

The Laboratory for Computational Brain at Rutgers University ( has several openings for PhD students in neuro-inspired and neuro-controlled robotics. Our Lab is part of the Computer Science Department that has been consistently ranked at the top-30 CS Departments in the U.S. We are searching for Renaissance types who are broadly trained and can march across disciplines to find solutions. Interested students should send a 1-page personal statement and their CV to Prof. Konstantinos Michmizos, with email subject: PhD_openings-2017.


Please note the PhD admission criteria for the CS Department, listed at

The deadline to be considered for the Fall semester of 2017 is January 1st. Interested candidates could conditionally start as soon as January 2017. Applications for September 2017 should be submitted through our online application system


For the most recent papers relevant to these opportunities, interested students should consult the following articles:

J Ames, KP Michmizos (2016) A Biologically Inspired Image Classifier: Adaptive Feature Detection. IEEE EMBC '16, Orlando, USA.

R Kommalapati, KP Michmizos (2016) Virtual Reality for Pediatric Neuro-Rehabilitation: Adaptive Visual Feedback of Movement to Engage the Mirror Neuron System. IEEE EMBC '16, Orlando, USA.

KP Michmizos, S Rossi, E Castelli, P Cappa, HI Krebs (2015) Robot-Aided Neurorehabilitation: A Pediatric Robot for Ankle Rehabilitation. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 23(6), pp. 1056-1067, 2015

S Khan, KP Michmizos, M Tommerdahl, S Ganesan, M Kitzbichler, M Zetino, K Garel, M Herbert, M Hamalainen, T Kenet (2015) Somatosensory cortex functional connectivity abnormalities in autism show opposite trends, depending on direction and spatial scale. Brain, 138(5), pp. 1394-409, 2015


COMBRA Lab ( has ongoing collaborations with research labs at MIT and McGill University as well as clinical sites at Harvard Medical School and the Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The Lab is integrated into the Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling (CBIM) Center, a highly multidisciplinary Center at Rutgers that includes Research Labs for human motion capture experiments, machine learning and Robotics.

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