NTUA @Posidonia 2022

After a four-year gap, Posidonia, the International Shipping Exhibition, was held at Athens’ Metropolitan Expo Centre from 6-10 June 2022.

According to the Posidonia organizers, in the context of this year’s event, a significant number of conferences and seminars have been organized to dive into crucial issues facing the global maritime community as the world economy tries to concoct antidotes to heal the wounds of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the severe side effects of the Covid-19 induced pandemic. The impact of sky-rocketing energy prices, broken supply chains, and upcoming environmental regulations is piling the pressure on shipowners and fleet operators to deliver profitability, shareholder value and 90% of the world trade, making Posidonia exhibition a must-attend event, not just for maritime stakeholders, but also for industry-wide decision-makers, regulators and policymakers as well as for government officials, world leaders, analysts and academics.

NTUA, was part of this landmark event, to demonstrate the latest initiatives of NTUA for technology transfer and promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

On the occasion of Posidonia 2022, Professor Nectarios Koziris, Dean of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the NTUA, delivered a short talk about the ECE School with a special focus on its research record.

Watch the video: