HIAS Universal AI course

The HIAS Universal AI course is a three-day course on universal Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications, organised by the Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens. The goal of the course is to introduce students from all backgrounds including science and engineering as well as law, medicine, social sciences, humanities and the arts, to the latest developments in AI and its potential to revolutionize various fields.

The course will be held at the National Technical University of Athens (Patission 42), in the historical Averof Building, Kavtanzoglou Hall, from July 3 to 5, 2023 (9am - 5pm). Due to the limitation of seats (200 seats), the lectures will be also broadcast.

Giorgos Stamou, Professor of ECE NTUA, is one of the two organisers and instructors of the course, together with Dimitris Bertsimas, Professor of MIT.

Konstantina Nikita and Theodora Varvarigou, Professors of ECE NTUA will join the group of speakers who are distinguished researchers and professors from academia in Greece and abroad sharing their experiences and knowledge in the area.

Please find more information at: https://aicourse2023.hellenic-ias.org/home