MED POWER 2024: 14th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion, November 3 – 6, 2024, Athens, Greece

The Electric Energy Systems Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens invites you to the 14th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion – MED POWER 2024. The Conference is organized by the National Technical University of Athens and the University of West Attica with the support IET Hellas, IET Cyprus Local Networks and the Malta Group of Professional Engineering Institutions (MGPEI) in Athens, November 3 – 6, 2024.

MEDPOWER 2024 belongs to a series of Conferences that have established a major energy platform in the region. The Conference will focus on topics of interest to the Electric Power Industry and Power Conversion and intends to provide power engineers the opportunities to present and discuss current academic and industry developments, achievements, and trends, as well as experiences in the topics of competitive electric energy market and privatization of the European Utilities.

Contributions are welcome in both theoretical developments and practical implementations in the following main areas: Planning and operation of power systems Renewable energy sources and storage, Distributed generation and microgrids, Centralized and Local Markets, Reliability and Resilience of power systems, Security assessment and risk analysis, Intelligent distribution networks, Smart grids, E-Mobility, Power quality, Energy efficiency, Electromagnetic transients, Power electronics, Protection and safety, FACTS, Insulation co-ordination, Cables and insulating material, High voltage engineering, Illumination techniques, Electric machines and drives, Information and communication technologies in power systems, Geographic information systems applications, Digital Twins, Optimization and Data Driven Techniques.

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