Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Code 114
Semester Fall
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 0
Lecturers Haris Doukas, John Psarras, Maria Flouri (T & R Associates)


Introduction to decision making systems. Architecture and models of decision making systems. Decision support: Necessity and techniques. Basic concepts of multicriteria decision analysis. Identification and formulation of the decision criteria. The role and preference system of decision makers. The set of feasible solutions. The optimal solution. Classification of multicriteria decision analysis methods. Problem analysis methods with a distinct set of available alternatives. Methods based on utility theory. Outranking multicriteria methods. Problem analysis methods with a continuous set of alternatives. Techniques to identify and select feasible solutions. Techniques for analyzing trade-off between different decision criteria. Interactive methods for identifying an optimal compromise. Basic concepts of group decision support systems. Approaches for managing differences between experts. Applications of multicriteria system for supporting energy and environmental policy.