Advanced topics of Digital Systems Design

Code 670
Semester Spring
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 0
Lecturers Dimitrios Soudris, Sotirios Xydis
Links Helios, Course's Website


Ηardware design automation: Design methodologies, design abstract levels, hardware and system description languages, algorithmic transformations and techniques for optimization design parameters, system-level co-design. High Level Syntheis (HLS): Basic Principles, Modeling, Transformations/Optimizations, Programming, Analysis, Verification. Software tools. Low Power Consumption of Digital Systems: Sources of power consumption. Methods of reducing the supply voltage and Switched capacitance. Low Consumption Techniques for Technology, Circuit, Algorithm and Architecture Level. CAD tools. Applications.
Specifications and Modeling: comparison of computation models . Hardware: Sensors, DSP, multimedia processors, SIMD, VLIW, MPSoCs, FPGAs, Memories and Interconnection. System software: Built-in operating systems, real-time operating systems, Virtual machines, hardware removal layers, middleware. Evaluation and Verification: Energy and energy models, thermal models, Risk and reliability analysis. Application visualization: Hardware/software partitioning, implementation on multiprocessor systems. Optimizations: concurrent task management, floating-point loop transformations, static and dynamic memory management and memory allocation.