Advanced Topics in Electronics

Code 707
Semester Fall
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 0
Lecturers Paul P. Sotiriadis


This is a research-oriented course focusing on theoretical and applied aspects of electronic circuits (both integrated and discrete-components) and the signal processing they realize. It includes mathematical modeling, analysis, simulation and design (MATLAB, SPICE, CADENCE) of analog and mixed signal circuits.

Topics of interest include: ΣΔ Modulators, Data Converters, Sampling circuits, Frequency Synthesizers, LNAs, Advanced Instrumentation Amplifiers, Filters of Continuous and Discrete Time, Translinear circuits, Power Amplifiers etc.

The course includes instructor’s introductory lectures and extensive study of selected literature (book chapters, research papers etc.) as well as presentations given by invited speakers from the Industry and Academia.