Digital VLSI Systems

Code 3.4.3328.8
Semester 8th
Flow Y - Computer Systems
Category Obligatory by selection
Credits 4
Class Hours - Lab Hours 2 - 2
Lecturers Kiamal Pekmestzi, Dimitrios Soudris, Sotirios Xydis, Sotirios Kokosis (T & R Associates), ΠΔ 407/80 ή ΑΥ
Links Helios


Design Methodologies and Tools. Low Power Consumption: Techniques for reducing and estimating power consumption for each design level. Implementation of VLSI circuits for arithmetic operations. Implement digital filters. Circuits based on special numerical systems for high-speed applications. Memory Architectures. Circuit description languages for automatic design. FPGA Reconfigurable Platforms: Architectures, Imaging Algorithms, and Design Tools and Environment. Co-design and implementation of digital systems. Hardware Description Languages (VHDL) .